IME – About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to assure that our students can deliver the most innovative and skilled patient care by providing each individual with up to date education and highly experienced and skilled medical professionals as mentors in their learning process.

Our Vision

To create and foster innovative, caring, and responsive partnerships with our students that directly influence and improve quality of life issues in the patients they serve.

Our Values

Our company, through its employees and owners, value an unyielding commitment to creating a culture that directly influences everyone we interact with. Whether these relationships consist of internal or external individuals or organizations we will follow a culture of being and creating a …
C.A.R.E. T.R.A.I.N.E.R.

C- Communicative in all we do

A- Available for each other

R- Responsive when needed

E- Excellence focused, focused on outcomes and performance

T- Teamwork driven at all times

R- Respect for each other; opinions, values, and culture

A- Accountable and providers of accountability

I- Innovative and built on creative processes

N- Networked across large geographies

E- Educators focused on cradle to grave learning

R- Reliable-We do what we say we will do

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