Excellence in Education of Evidence Based Medicine

Experience is the best teacher and I.M.E.’s active and engaged instructors provide for the ultimate student experience. From Emergency Room Physicians, to experienced Flight Nurses and Paramedics our promise is to provide you with an educational experience that will enrich your education and directly impact your career.  At I.M.E., we are unique from other EMS schools in that we are physician owned, with active involvement of these doctors we strive to continually evolve our course curriculum, lectures, and student experience to be reflective of current medical practice. As well, we employ innovators in the field of technology that leverages full university grade learning management systems (LMS). Through evidence based research, up to date curriculum, and technology integration students will be prepared for the future of healthcare. To sum it all up; We help you, so that you may help others.

[testimonial client=”International Medical Education CPR Student”]I love how you guys are bringing technology to the forefront of medical education.[/testimonial]

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