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IME Tuition and Fees

Rationale for Tuition Rates

IME appreciates the cost of education for students and understands the financial commitment a student makes when advancing his/her education. Yet this cost is important for the student in that it places a financial incentive on the individual’s effort to a successful outcome. IME’s values are that of an ‘Ivy-league’ private educational experience and as such IME endeavors to keep class sizes small, provide a comfortable learning environment for the student, and provide a teaching faculty that are expert in their fields, experienced and currently working, as well as state and/or nationally credentialed.

Hence IME programs are price-value based.

There are less-expensive programs throughout the US and students are encouraged to visit view the programs pass rate (a strong indicator of teaching quality and learning environment), view the learning environment of those educational institutions and then ask smart consumer oriented questions about the class load size, pass rates, educational activities, the student to instructor ratio, the frequency of updating of curriculum, the direct involvement of the medical directors in curriculum and quality review, and lastly view the instructional staff resumes and experience.

Financing Plans

IME offers a direct link to a third party finance program for student to get a personal loan for our primary educational programs. IME does not provide internal financing and has taken the position that providing an internal financing arrangement with a student can create a relationship that can directly influence the teaching and grading policy to a negative degree. As well, when a student has nothing to risk the program does not provide the needed financial incentive for a student to devote the preparation, homework or participation in and outside the program of study.

However, IME does accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal and through these methods there are payment plans and loan options for student funding of the program.

Estimated Cost of Programs

The course/class tuition can vary and does not include books, fees, or supplies but can be estimated by using the following formula:

8-16 Hour Courses = $ 20.00/hour

17-80 Hour Courses = $15.00/hour

81-140 Hour Courses = $10.00/hour

140 – 200 Hour Courses = $9.00/hour

Registration Fee (Seat/Spot Hold) = 20% of Tuition

Final Funds to be paid by 1st day of program for all <80 hour courses and 7 days prior to start on >80 hour courses.

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